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-Clinical and sociodemographic correlates of severe insomnia in psychotropic drug-free, Asian outpatients with major depressive disorderSrisurapanont M; Likhitsathian S; Chua HC; Udomratn P; Chang S; Maneeton N; Maneeton B; Chen CH; Shih-Yen Chan E; Bautista D; Bin Sulaiman AH
-Clinical and sociodemographic correlates of suicidality in patients with major depressive disorder from six Asian countriesLim AY; Lee AR; Hatim A; Tian-Mei S; Liu CY; Jeon HJ; Udomratn P; Bautista D; Chan E; Liu SI; Chua HC; Hong JP
-Covert Treatment of Violent PatientsChua HC
-Differences in psychiatric symptoms among Asian patients with depression: a multi-country cross-sectional studySulaiman AH; Bautista D; Liu CY; Udomratn P; Bae JN; Fang Y; Chua HC; Liu SI; George T; Chan E; Tian-mei S; Hong JP; Srisurapanont M; Rush AJ
-Economic burden of multimorbidity among older adults: impact on healthcare and societal costsPicco L; Achilla E; Abdin E; Chong SA; Vaingankar JA; McCrone P; Chua HC; Heng D; Magadi H; Ng LL; Prince M; Subramaniam M
-Is early-onset in major depression a predictor of specific clinical features with more impaired social function?Liu Y-H; Chen L; Su Y-A; Fang Y-R; Srisurapanont M; Hong JP; Hatim A; Chua HC; Bautista D; Si T-M
-Melancholic features and hostility are associated with suicidality risk in Asian patients with major depressive disorderJeon HJ; Peng D; Chua HC; Srisurapanont M; Fava M; Bae JN; Man Chang S; Hong JP
-Ministry of Health clinical practice guidelines: depressionChua HC; Chan LL; Chee KS; Chen YH; Chin SA; Chua PL; Fones SL; Fung D; Khoo CL; Kwek SK; Lim EC; Ling J; Poh P; Sim K; Tan BL; Tan CH; Tan LL; Tan YH; Tay WK; Yeo C; Su HC
-Prevalence of Dementia in People Aged 60 Years and Above: Results from the WiSE StudySubramaniam M; Chong SA; Vaingankar JA; Abdin E; Chua BY; Chua HC; Eng GK; Heng D; Hia SB; Huang W; Jeyagurunathana A; Kua J; Lee SP; Mahendran R; Magadi H; Malladi S; McCrone P; Pang S; Picco L; Sagayadevan V; Sambasivam R; Seng KH; Seow E; Shafie S; Shahwan S; Tan LL; Yap M; Zhang Y; Ng LL; Prince M
-Psychiatric morbidity and its correlates among informal caregivers of older adultsVaingankar JA; Chong SA; Abdin E; Picco L; Shafie S; Seow E; Pang S; Sagayadevan V; Chua BY; Chua HC; Subramaniam M
-Psychosocial and coping responses within the community health care setting towards a national outbreak of an infectious diseaseSim K; Huak Chan Y; Chong PN; Chua HC; Wen Soon S
-Reducing Antipsychotic Polypharmacy Among Psychogeriatric and Adult Patients with Chronic SchizophreniaGoh Y-L; Seng KH; Chuan ASH; Chua HC
-Responding to the challenge of multimorbidity in people with serious mental illnessChong SA; Subramaniam M; Verma S; Chua HC
-Stressful life events preceding the onset of depression in Asian patients with major depressive disorderPark S; Hatim A; Si TM; Jeon HJ; Srisurapanont M; Bautista D; Liu SI; Chua HC; Hong JP
-The Societal Cost of Dementia in Singapore: Results from the WiSE StudyAbdin E; Subramaniam M; Achilla E; Chong SA; Vaingankar JA; Picco L; Sambasivam R; Pang S; Chua BY; Ng LL; Chua HC; Heng D; Prince M; McCrone P