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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
-A preliminary investigation of the Spence Children's Anxiety Parent Scale as a screening tool for anxiety in young people with autism spectrum disordersZainal H; Magiati I; Tan JW; Sung M; Fung DS; Howlin P
-Academy of Medicine-Ministry of Health clinical practice guidelines: attention deficit hyperactivity disorderFung DS; Lim CG; Wong JC; Ng KH; Cheok CC; Kiing JS; Chong SC; Lou J; Daniel ML; Ong D; Low C; Aljunied SM; Choi PM; Mehrotra K; Kee C; Leung I; Yen LC; Wong G; Lee PY; Chin B; Ng HC
-Agreement between Parent- and Self-Reports of Psychopathic Traits and Externalizing Behaviors in a Clinical SampleOoi YP; Glenn AL; Ang RP; Vanzetti S; Falcone T; Gaab J; Fung DS
-An analysis of blinding success in a randomised controlled trial of fish oil omega-3 fatty acidsLiu JC; Raine A; Ang RP; Fung DS
-An international consensus for assessing internet gaming disorder using the new DSM-5 approachPetry NM; Rehbein F; Gentile DA; Lemmens JS; Rumpf HJ; Mossle T; Bischof G; Tao R; Fung DS; Borges G; Auriacombe M; Gonzalez Ibanez A; Tam P; O'Brien CP
-Anxiety symptoms in young people with autism spectrum disorder attending special schools: Associations with gender, adaptive functioning and autism symptomatologyMagiati I; Ong C; Lim XY; Tan JW; Ong AY; Patrycia F; Fung DS; Sung M; Poon KK; Howlin P
-Application of a web-based cognitive-behavioural therapy programme for the treatment of selective mutism in Singapore: a case series studyOoi YP; Raja M; Sung SC; Fung DS; Koh JB
-Child Psychiatry Without Psychiatrists: A New Model for Old ProblemsFung DS; Lim-Ashworth NS
-Community Mental Health as a Population-based Mental Health Approach.Cai SY; Fung DS
-Depression and anxiety in Singaporean high-risk pregnancies - prevalence and screeningThiagayson P; Krishnaswamy G; Lim ML; Sung SC; Haley CL; Fung DS; Allen JC, Jr.; Chen H
-Effects of cognitive-behavioral therapy on anxiety in children with autism spectrum disorders: a randomized controlled trialSung M; Ooi YP; Goh TJ; Pathy P; Fung DS; Ang RP; Chua A; Lam CM
-Equine-assisted learning in youths at-risk for school or social failure.Ho NF; Zhou J; Fung DS; Kua JPH
-Examining the criterion validity of CBCL and TRF problem scales and items in a large Singapore sampleAng RP; Rescorla LA; Achenbach TM; Ooi YP; Fung DS; Woo B
-Factors Influencing Agreement between Parent and Child Reports of Anxiety Symptoms among Children with High-Functioning Autism Spectrum DisordersOoi YP; Weng SJ; Magiati I; Ang RP; Goh TJ; Fung DS; Sung M
-International comparisons of behavioral and emotional problems in preschool children: parents' reports from 24 societiesRescorla LA; Achenbach TM; Ivanova MY; Harder VS; Otten L; Bilenberg N; Bjarnadottir G; Capron C; De Pauw SS; Dias P; Dobrean A; Dopfner M; Duyme M; Eapen V; Erol N; Esmaeili EM; Ezpeleta L; Frigerio A; Fung DS; Goncalves M; Guethmundsson H; Jeng SF; Jusiene R; Ah Kim Y; Kristensen S; Liu J; Lecannelier F; Leung PW; Machado BC; Montirosso R; Ja Oh K; Ooi YP; Pluck J; Pomalima R; Pranvera J; Schmeck K; Shahini M; Silva JR; Simsek Z; Sourander A; Valverde J; van der Ende J; Van Leeuwen KG; Wu YT; Yurdusen S; Zubrick SR; Verhulst FC
-International epidemiology of child and adolescent psychopathology ii: integration and applications of dimensional findings from 44 societiesRescorla L; Ivanova MY; Achenbach TM; Begovac I; Chahed M; Drugli MB; Emerich DR; Fung DS; Haider M; Hansson K; Hewitt N; Jaimes S; Larsson B; Maggiolini A; Markovic J; Mitrovic D; Moreira P; Oliveira JT; Olsson M; Ooi YP; Petot D; Pisa C; Pomalima R; da Rocha MM; Rudan V; Sekulic S; Shahini M; de Mattos Silvares EF; Szirovicza L; Valverde J; Vera LA; Villa MC; Viola L; Woo BS; Zhang EY
-Omega-3 fatty acids in the management of autism spectrum disorders: findings from an open-label pilot study in SingaporeOoi YP; Weng SJ; Jang LY; Low L; Seah J; Teo S; Ang RP; Lim CG; Liew A; Fung DS; Sung M
-Parent-teacher agreement on children's problems in 21 societiesRescorla LA; Bochicchio L; Achenbach TM; Ivanova MY; Almqvist F; Begovac I; Bilenberg N; Bird H; Dobrean A; Erol N; Fombonne E; Fonseca A; Frigerio A; Fung DS; Lambert MC; Leung PW; Liu X; Markovic I; Markovic J; Minaei A; Ooi YP; Roussos A; Rudan V; Simsek Z; van der Ende J; Weintraub S; Wolanczyk T; Woo B; Weiss B; Weisz J; Zukauskiene R; Verhulst FC
-Pharmacological management in children and adolescents with pervasive developmental disorderSung M; Fung DS; Cai Y; Ooi YP
-Something fishy: the issue of omega-3 blinding in psychiatric clinical trialsLiu JC; Ang RP; Fung DS