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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
-Asymmetry of lexico-semantic processing in schizophrenia changes with disease progressionLam M; Collinson SL; Sim K; Mackay CE; James AC; Crow TJ
-Baseline social amotivation predicts 1-year functioning in UHR subjects: A validation and prospective investigationLam M; Abdul Rashid NA; Lee SA; Lim J; Foussias G; Fervaha G; Ruhrman S; Remington G; Lee J
-Body mass index, obesity, and psychopathology in patients with schizophreniaSubramaniam M; Lam M; Guo ME; He VY; Lee J; Verma S; Chong SA
-Brief assessment of cognition in schizophrenia: normative data in an English-speaking ethnic Chinese sampleEng GK; Lam M; Bong YL; Subramaniam M; Bautista D; Rapisarda A; Kraus M; Lee J; Collinson SL; Chong SA; Keefe RS
-Common susceptibility variants are shared between schizophrenia and psoriasis in the Han Chinese populationYin X; Wineinger NE; Wang K; Yue W; Norgren N; Wang L; Yao W; Jiang X; Wu B; Cui Y; Shen C; Cheng H; Zhou F; Chen G; Zuo X; Zheng X; Fan X; Wang H; Wang L; Lee J; Lam M; Tai ES; Zhang Z; Huang Q; Sun L; Xu J; Yang S; Wilhelmsen KC; Liu J1; Schork NJ; Zhang X
-Establishing the Brief Assessment of Cognition - Short formLam M; Wang M; Huang W; Eng GK; Rapisarda A; Kraus M; Kang S; Keefe RSE; Lee J
-Formulation of the age-education index: measuring age and education effects in neuropsychological performanceLam M; Eng GK; Rapisarda A; Subramaniam M; Kraus M; Keefe RS; Collinson SL
-Impact of psychiatric comorbidity in individuals at Ultra High Risk of psychosis - Findings from the Longitudinal Youth at Risk Study (LYRIKS)Lim J; Rekhi G; Rapisarda A; Lam M; Kraus M; Keefe RS; Lee J
-Large-Scale Cognitive GWAS Meta-Analysis Reveals Tissue-Specific Neural Expression and Potential Nootropic Drug TargetsLam M; Trampush JW; Yu J; Knowles E; Davies G; Liewald DC; Starr JM; Djurovic S; Melle I; Sundet K; Christoforou A; Reinvang I; DeRosse P; Lundervold AJ; Steen VM; Espeseth T; Raikkonen K; Widen E; Palotie A; Eriksson JG; Giegling I; Konte B; Roussos P; Giakoumaki S; Burdick KE; Payton A; Ollier W; Chiba-Falek O; Attix DK; Need AC; Cirulli ET; Voineskos AN; Stefanis NC; Avramopoulos D; Hatzimanolis A; Arking DE; Smyrnis N; Bilder RM; Freimer NA; Cannon TD; London E; Poldrack RA; Sabb FW; Congdon E; Conley ED; Scult MA; Dickinson D; Straub RE; Donohoe G; Morris D; Corvin A; Gill M; Hariri AR; Weinberger DR; Pendleton N; Bitsios P; Rujescu D; Lahti J; Le Hellard S; Keller MC; Andreassen OA; Deary IJ; Glahn DC; Malhotra AK; Lencz T
-Refining the latent structure of neuropsychological performance in schizophreniaLam M; Collinson SL; Eng GK; Rapisarda A; Kraus M; Lee J; Chong SA; Keefe RS
-The continuous performance test, identical pairs: norms, reliability and performance in healthy controls and patients with schizophrenia in SingaporeRapisarda A; Kraus M; Tan YW; Lam M; Eng GK; Lee J; Subramaniam M; Collinson SL; Chong SA; Keefe RS
-The Longitudinal Youth at Risk Study (LYRIKS)--an Asian UHR perspectiveLee J; Rekhi G; Mitter N; Bong YL; Kraus MS; Lam M; Rapisarda A; Lee TS; Subramaniam M; Chong SA; Keefe RS
-The relationship between negative symptom subdomains and cognitionLim J; Lee SA; Lam M; Rapisarda A; Kraus M; Keefe RS; Lee J
-The utility and benefits of clinical neuropsychology in AsiaCollinson SL; Lam M; Hayes CJ
-Unraveling the relationship between obesity, schizophrenia and cognitionRashid NA; Lim J; Lam M; Chong SA; Keefe RS; Lee J