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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
-A Brain-Computer Interface Based Cognitive Training System for Healthy Elderly: A Randomized Control Pilot Study for Usability and Preliminary EfficacyLee T-S; Goh SJA; Quek SY; Phillips R; Guan C; Cheung YB; Feng L; Teng SSW; Wang CC; Chin ZY; Zhang H; Ng TP; Lee J; Keefe R; Krishnan KRR
-A comparison of cardio-metabolic risk between the deficit and non-deficit subtypes of schizophreniaLee J; Nurjono M; Tay YH; Lee TS; Remington G
-A pilot randomized controlled trial using EEG-based brain-computer interface training for a Chinese-speaking group of healthy elderlyLee T-S; Quek SY; Goh SJA; Phillips R; Guan C; Cheung YB; Feng L; Wang CC; Chin ZY; Zhang H; Lee J; Ng TP; Krishnan KRR
-A preliminary examination of the validity and reliability of a new brief rating scale for symptom domains of psychosis: Brief Evaluation of Psychosis Symptom Domains (BE-PSD)Takeuchi H; Fervaha G; Lee J; Agid O; Remington G
-A Review of Brain-derived Neurotrophic Factor as a Candidate Biomarker in SchizophreniaNurjono M; Lee J; Chong SA
-Adequate dosing for second-generation antipsychotics in establishing treatment resistance in schizophreniaLee J; Remington G
-Altered striatal functional connectivity in subjects with an at-risk mental state for psychosisDandash O; Fornito A; Lee J; Keefe RS; Chee MW; Adcock RA; Pantelis C; Wood SJ; Harrison BJ
-An evaluation of association between a novel hippocampal biology related SNP (rs7294919) and schizophreniaLiu J; Numata S; Ikeda M; Watanabe Y; Zheng XB; Luo X; Kinoshita M; Nunokawa A; Someya T; Ohmori T; Bei JX; Chong SA; Lee J; Li Z; Liu J; Iwata N; Shi Y; Li M; Su B
-Analysis of non-synonymous-coding variants of Parkinson's disease-related pathogenic and susceptibility genes in East Asian populationsFoo JN; Tan LC; Liany H; Koh TH; Irwan ID; Ng YY; Ahmad-Annuar A; Au W-L; Aung T; Chan AYY; Chong S-A; Chung SJ; Jung Y; Khor CC; Kim J; Lee J; Lim S-Y; Mok V; Prakash K-M; Song K; Tai E-S; Vithana EN; Wong T-Y; Tan E-K; Liu J
-Annual Review Clinic: A chronic disease management model of care for schizophrenia and delusional disorder in SingaporeLee J; Seow C; Wong SS; Govindasamy A; Quek E; Phang A; Su A; HC C
-Association between serum levels of bioavailable vitamin D and negative symptoms in first-episode psychosisYee JY; See YM; Abdul Rashid NA; Neelamekam S; Lee J
-Association Between Weight Gain and Remission Status at 3 Months in First-Episode SchizophreniaOh N; See YM; Remington G; Lee J
-At risk or not at risk? A meta‐analysis of the prognostic accuracy of psychometric interviews for psychosis predictionFusar‐Poli P; Cappucciati M; Rutigliano G; Schultze‐Lutter F; Bonoldi I; Borgwardt S; Riecher‐Rössler A; Addington J; Perkins D; Woods SW; McGlashan TH; Lee J; Klosterkötter J; Yung AR; McGuire P
-Baseline social amotivation predicts 1-year functioning in UHR subjects: A validation and prospective investigationLam M; Abdul Rashid NA; Lee SA; Lim J; Foussias G; Fervaha G; Ruhrman S; Remington G; Lee J
-Body mass index and risk of mental disorders in the general population: results from the Singapore Mental Health StudySubramaniam M; Picco L; He V; Vaingankar JA; Abdin E; Verma S; Rekhi G; Yap M; Lee J; Chong SA
-Body mass index, obesity, and psychopathology in patients with schizophreniaSubramaniam M; Lam M; Guo ME; He VY; Lee J; Verma S; Chong SA
-Brief assessment of cognition in schizophrenia: normative data in an English-speaking ethnic Chinese sampleEng GK; Lam M; Bong YL; Subramaniam M; Bautista D; Rapisarda A; Kraus M; Lee J; Collinson SL; Chong SA; Keefe RS
-Clozapine and anemia: a 2-year follow-up studyLee J; Bies R; Bhaloo A; Powell V; Remington G
-Common susceptibility variants are shared between schizophrenia and psoriasis in the Han Chinese populationYin X; Wineinger NE; Wang K; Yue W; Norgren N; Wang L; Yao W; Jiang X; Wu B; Cui Y; Shen C; Cheng H; Zhou F; Chen G; Zuo X; Zheng X; Fan X; Wang H; Wang L; Lee J; Lam M; Tai ES; Zhang Z; Huang Q; Sun L; Xu J; Yang S; Wilhelmsen KC; Liu J1; Schork NJ; Zhang X
-Comparing dopamine D(2) receptor occupancies for use in clinical practice: attractive proposition but fraught with pitfallsLee J; Takeuchi H; Remington G