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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
-A Brain-Computer Interface Based Attention Training Program for Treating Attention Deficit Hyperactivity DisorderLim CG; Lee TS; Guan C; Fung DSS; Zhao Y; Teng SSW; Zhang H; Krishnan KRR
-A comparison of cardio-metabolic risk between the deficit and non-deficit subtypes of schizophreniaLee J; Nurjono M; Tay YH; Lee TS; Remington G
-CACNA1C genomewide supported psychosis genetic variation affects cortical brain white matter integrity in Chinese patients with schizophreniaWoon PS; Sum MY; Kuswanto CN; Yang GL; Sitoh YY; Soong TW; Lee TS; Nowinski WL; Sim K
-Diffusion tensor imaging findings of white matter changes in first episode schizophrenia: a systematic reviewKuswanto CN; Teh I; Lee TS; Sim K
-Effectiveness of a brain-computer interface based programme for the treatment of ADHD: a pilot studyLim CG; Lee TS; Guan C; Sheng Fung DS; Cheung YB; Teng SS; Zhang H; Krishnan KR
-Integrated genetic and genomic approach in the SingaporeTranslational and Clinical Research in Psychosis Study: an overviewSim K; Lee J; Subramaniam M; Liu JJ; Keefe R; Zhang XD; Lee TS; Chong SA
-Intrinsic Affective Network Is Impaired in Children with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity DisorderHo NF; Chong JS; Koh HL; Koukouna E; Lee TS; Fung D; Lim CG; Zhou J
-Levels of Serum Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor in SchizophreniaLee J; Nurjono M; Lee TS
-Ministry of Health Clinical Practice Guidelines: Anxiety DisordersLim L; Chan HN; Chew PH; Chua SM; Ho C; Kwek SKD; Lee TS; Loh P; Lum A; Tan YHC; Wan YM; Woo M; Yap HL
-Montreal Cognitive Assessment for screening mild cognitive impairment: variations in test performance and scores by education in SingaporeNg TP; Feng L; Lim WS; Chong MS; Lee TS; Yap KB; Tsoi T; Liew TM; Gao Q; Collinson S; Kandiah N; Yap P
-Schizophrenia: no health without physical healthLee J; Lee TS; Remington G
-The Longitudinal Youth at Risk Study (LYRIKS)--an Asian UHR perspectiveLee J; Rekhi G; Mitter N; Bong YL; Kraus MS; Lam M; Rapisarda A; Lee TS; Subramaniam M; Chong SA; Keefe RS
-Therapeutic Misconception in Psychiatry Research: A Systematic ReviewThong IS; Foo MY; Sum MY; Capps B; Lee TS; Ho C; Sim K