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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
-A population-based survey of mental disorders in SingaporeChong SA; Abdin E; Vaingankar JA; Heng D; Sherbourne C; Yap M; Lim YW; Wong HB; Ghosh-Dastidar B; Kwok KW; Subramaniam M
-A systematic review on comorbid post-traumatic stress disorder in schizophreniaSeow LSE; Ong C; Mahesh MV; Sagayadevan V; Shafie S; Chong SA; Subramaniam M
-Age of onset of life-time mental disorders and treatment contactVaingankar JA; Rekhi G; Subramaniam M; Abdin E; Chong SA
-Attitudes to Mental Illness and Its Demographic Correlates among General Population in SingaporeYuan Q; Abdin E; Picco L; Vaingankar JA; Shahwan S; Jeyagurunathan A; Sagayadevan V; Shafie S; Tay J; Chong SA; Subramaniam M
-Attitudes Toward Seeking Professional Psychological Help: Factor Structure and Socio-Demographic PredictorsPicco L; Abdin E; Chong SA; Pang S; Shafie S; Chua BY; Vaingankar JA; Ong LP; Tay J; Subramaniam M
-Beliefs About Help Seeking for Mental Disorders: Findings From a Mental Health Literacy Study in SingaporePicco L; Abdin E; Chong SA; Pang S; Vaingankar JA; Sagayadevan V; Kwok KW; Subramaniam M
-Body mass index and risk of mental disorders in the general population: results from the Singapore Mental Health StudySubramaniam M; Picco L; He V; Vaingankar JA; Abdin E; Verma S; Rekhi G; Yap M; Lee J; Chong SA
-Body mass index, obesity, and psychopathology in patients with schizophreniaSubramaniam M; Lam M; Guo ME; He VY; Lee J; Verma S; Chong SA
-Body mass index, waist-hip ratio and risk of chronic medical condition in the elderly population: results from the Well-being of the Singapore Elderly (WiSE) StudyFauziana R; Jeyagurunathan A; Abdin E; Vaingankar J; Sagayadevan V; Shafie S; Sambasivam R; Chong SA; Subramaniam M
-Brief assessment of cognition in schizophrenia: normative data in an English-speaking ethnic Chinese sampleEng GK; Lam M; Bong YL; Subramaniam M; Bautista D; Rapisarda A; Kraus M; Lee J; Collinson SL; Chong SA; Keefe RS
-Care participation and burden among informal caregivers of older adults with care needs and associations with dementiaVaingankar JA; Chong SA; Abdin E; Picco L; Jeyagurunathan A; Zhang Y; Sambasivam R; Chua BY; Ng LL; Prince M; Subramaniam M
-Clinical Research in Times of PandemicsChong S-A; Capps BJ; Subramaniam M; Voo TC; Campbell AV
-Clozapine Use in First-Episode Psychosis: The Singapore Early Psychosis Intervention Programme (EPIP) PerspectiveTang C; Subramaniam M; Ng BT; Abdin E; Poon LY; Verma SK
-Cognitive distortions among older adult gamblers in an Asian contextSubramaniam M; Chong SA; Browning C; Thomas S
-Comorbid Diabetes and Depression among Older Adults - Prevalence, Correlates, Disability and Healthcare UtilisationSubramaniam M; Abdin E; Vaingankar JA; Picco L; Seow E; Chua BY; Ng LL; Mahendran R; Chua HC; Heng DM; Chong SA
-Comorbid physical and mental illnesses among pathological gamblers: Results from a population based study in SingaporeSubramaniam M; Abdin E; Vaingankar JA; Wong KE; Chong SA
-Comparing effectiveness of risperidone with first-generation antipsychotic medications in patients with schizophrenia-spectrum disordersLiew A; Verma S; Lye Yin P; Edimansyah A; Subramaniam M; Vaingankar J; Siow Ann C
-Continuum beliefs and stigmatising beliefs about mental illness: results from an Asian community surveySubramaniam M; Abdin E; Picco L; Shahwan S; Jeyagurunathan A; Vaingankar JA; Chong SA
-Cross-ethnic differences in severity of symptomatology of individuals with first-episode schizophrenia spectrum disorderLim CS; Subramaniam M; Poon LY; Chong SA; Verma S
-Culture and age influences upon gambling and problem gamblingSubramaniam M; Abdin E; Shahwan S; Vaingankar JA; Picco L; Browning CJ; Thomas SA; Chong SA