Title: Application of a web-based cognitive-behavioural therapy programme for the treatment of selective mutism in Singapore: a case series study
year: 2012
Journal: Singapore Med J
Volume: 53
Issue: 7
Pages: 446-50
Epubdate: 21/07/2012
date: Jul
Alternate Journal: Singapore medical journal
ISSN: 0037-5675 (Print)
Accession Number: 22815012
Abstract: INTRODUCTION: Selective mutism (SM) is characterised by limited or a lack of speech in selected social settings. Recent reviews suggest that cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT) is an effective and promising treatment approach for SM. However, there is still a lack of studies documenting the applicability of CBT for SM in diverse populations. The goal of the present study was to examine the use of a web-based CBT programme ('Meeky Mouse') among Singaporean children diagnosed with SM. METHODS: Five children with SM (one boy and four girls aged 6-11 years) participated in the 14-week 'Meeky Mouse' programme, in addition to being prescribed with an unchanged dosage of fluoxetine 10-20 mg daily. The progress made by the children throughout the course of the programme was documented by the therapist. RESULTS: Post treatment, four out of the five children demonstrated improvements in the frequency of speech during therapy sessions at home, in school and at other social situations. CONCLUSION: Findings from the present study provide support for the use of a web-based CBT programme in improving speech and decreasing the severity of SM among affected children.
URI: https://open-access.imh.com.sg/handle/123456789/4571
Authors Address: Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy
Department of Psychology
University of Basel
Switzerland. Yoon_Phaik_Ooi@imh.com.sg
Database Provider: NLM
language: eng
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