Title: To be or not to be: legal and ethical considerations in suicide prevention
year: 2013
Journal: Advances in Psychiatric Treatment
Volume: 19
Issue: 4
Pages: 295-301
Typeofarticle: 10.1192/apt.bp.112.010595
Abstract: Making potentially critical clinical decisions in complex cases with the real risk of death by suicide is a most challenging job in psychiatry. Sadly, risk assessment and management of harm to self is a largely ignored area compared with risk of harm to others. The legal and ethical challenges are more nuanced, and contemporary training schemes and textbooks on psychiatry have not always done justice to this area, where front-line clinicians require probably most assistance. This article is an attempt to integrate the seemingly disparate threads from legal, ethical and clinical realms to assist decision-making, and it introduces a set of principles for managing these in clinical practice. It refers in particular to legislation in England and Wales, but the clinical and ethical issues discussed are universal.
URL: http://apt.rcpsych.org/content/19/4/295.abstract
URI: https://open-access.imh.com.sg/handle/123456789/4662
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