Title: Gender differences in disability in a multiethnic Asian population: the Singapore Mental Health Study
year: 2013
Journal: Compr Psychiatry
Volume: 54
Issue: 4
Pages: 381-7
Epubdate: 30/11/2012
date: May
Alternate Journal: Comprehensive psychiatry
ISSN: 0010-440x
DOI: 10.1016/j.comppsych.2012.10.004
Accession Number: 23190706
Abstract: PURPOSE: The aims of the current study were to examine the gender specific associations between 12-month mood, anxiety and alcohol use disorders with five disability domains - Role, Social, Cognitive, Self-care and Mobility - after controlling for covariates in the multi-ethnic population in Singapore. METHODS: The Singapore Mental Health Study (SMHS) surveyed 6616 adult Singapore Residents with face-to-face interviews from December 2009 to December 2010. The diagnoses of mental disorders were established using the Composite International Diagnostic Interview version 3.0 (CIDI 3.0). Disability was assessed with the World Mental Health (WMH) Surveys version of the WHODAS-II, which assesses disability across 5 domains. RESULTS: Overall rate of disability was higher among those with mental disorder than those without mental disorder in both men and women. Our study found that women with either 12-month mood or anxiety disorder reported significantly more disability in the Social, Cognitive and Mobility domains than men with these disorders. CONCLUSION: This highlights the need for gender sensitivity in models of care and treatment for both men and women and emphasizes the importance of tailoring interventions differently for them.
Notes: 1532-8384
Subramaniam, Mythily
Abdin, Edimansyah
Vaingankar, Janhavi Ajit
Chong, Siow Ann
Journal Article
Research Support, Non-U.S. Gov't
United States
Compr Psychiatry. 2013 May
54(4):381-7. doi: 10.1016/j.comppsych.2012.10.004. Epub 2012 Nov 26.
URI: https://open-access.imh.com.sg/handle/123456789/4663
Authors Address: Research Division, Institute of Mental Health, Buangkok Green Medical Park, 10 Buangkok View, 539747 Singapore. Mythily@imh.com.sg
Database Provider: NLM
language: eng
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