Title: Adapted cognitive-behavioral therapy for religious individuals with mental disorder: a systematic review
year: 2014
Journal: Asian J Psychiatr
Volume: 9
Pages: 03/12/2016
Epubdate: 13/05/2014
date: Jun
Alternate Journal: Asian journal of psychiatry
ISSN: 1876-2018
DOI: 10.1016/j.ajp.2013.12.011
Accession Number: 24813028
Abstract: Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) is considered an evidence-based psychological intervention for various mental disorders. However, mental health clinicians should be cognizant of the population that was used to validate the intervention and assess its acceptability to a target group that is culturally different. We systematically reviewed published empirical studies of CBT adapted for religious individuals with mental disorder to determine the extent to which religiously modified CBT can be considered an empirically supported treatment following the criteria delineated by the American Psychological Association Task Force on Promotion and Dissemination of Psychological Procedures. Overall, nine randomized controlled trials and one quasi-experimental study were included that compared the effectiveness of religiously modified CBT to standard CBT or other treatment modalities for the treatment of depressive disorders, generalized anxiety disorder, and schizophrenia. The majority of these studies either found no difference in effectiveness between religiously modified CBT compared to standard CBT or other treatment modalities, or early effects that were not sustained. Considering the methodological limitations of the reviewed studies, religiously modified CBT cannot be considered a well-established psychological intervention for the treatment of the foregoing mental disorders following the a priori set criteria at this juncture. Nevertheless, melding religious content with CBT may be an acceptable treatment modality for individuals with strong religious convictions.
Notes: 1876-2026
Lim, Caroline
Sim, Kang
Renjan, Vidhya
Sam, Hui Fang
Quah, Soo Li
Journal Article
Asian J Psychiatr. 2014 Jun
9:3-12. doi: 10.1016/j.ajp.2013.12.011. Epub 2014 Jan 4.
URI: https://open-access.imh.com.sg/handle/123456789/4718
Authors Address: School of Social Work, University of Southern California, Montgomery Ross Fisher Building, 669 W. 34th Street, Los Angeles, CA 90089, USA. Electronic address: carolisl@usc.edu.
Research Division, Institute of Mental Health, Buangkok Green Medical Park, 10 Buangkok View, Singapore 539747, Singapore.
Psychological Medicine, Khoo Teck Puat Hospital, 90 Yishun Central, Singapore 768828, Singapore.
Department of Psychology, Faculty of Arts and Social Science, National University of Singapore, Block AS4, #02-07, 9 Arts Link, Singapore 11750, Singapore.
Translated author: NLM
Translated title: eng
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