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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
-Clozapine Use in First-Episode Psychosis: The Singapore Early Psychosis Intervention Programme (EPIP) PerspectiveTang C; Subramaniam M; Ng BT; Abdin E; Poon LY; Verma SK
-Prevalence and Correlates of Internet Gaming Problem among Internet Users: Results from an Internet SurveySubramaniam M; Abdin E; Vaingankar J; Picco L; Shahwan S; Jeyagurunathan A; Zhang Y; Verma S; Chong SA
-Sociodemographic Correlates and Morbidity in Lottery Gamblers: Results from a Population SurveySubramaniam M; Tang B; Abdin E; Vaingankar JA; Picco L; Chong SA
-Strategic Versus Nonstrategic Gambling: Results From a Community SurveySubramaniam M; Abdin E; Vaingankar JA; Shahwan S; Picco L; Chong SA
-Prevalence of psychotic symptoms among older adults in an Asian populationSubramaniam M; Abdin E; Vaingankar J; Picco L; Shahwan S; Jeyagurunathan A; Zhang Y; Verma S; Chong SA
-Typology of people with first-episode psychosisSubramaniam M; Zheng H; Soh P; Poon LY; Vaingankar JA; Chong SA; Verma S
-A systematic review on comorbid post-traumatic stress disorder in schizophreniaSeow LSE; Ong C; Mahesh MV; Sagayadevan V; Shafie S; Chong SA; Subramaniam M
-Sleep disturbance among people with major depressive disorders (MDD) in SingaporeSeow LSE; Subramaniam M; Abdin E; Vaingankar JA; Chong SA
-Key components and strategies utilized by nurses for de-escalation of aggression in psychiatric in-patients: a systematic review protocolShah L; Annamalai J; Swe NA; Xie H; Pavadai S; Ng W; Kuganesh S; Shah A; Manickam; M
-Disruption of brain anatomical networks in schizophrenia: A longitudinal, diffusion tensor imaging based studySun Y; Chen Y; Lee R; Bezerianos A; Collinson SL; Sim K
-A preliminary examination of the validity and reliability of a new brief rating scale for symptom domains of psychosis: Brief Evaluation of Psychosis Symptom Domains (BE-PSD)Takeuchi H; Fervaha G; Lee J; Agid O; Remington G
-What symptom domains are associated with patient distress in schizophrenia?Takeuchi H; Fervaha G; Lee J; Remington G
-Controversies of the Effect of Ketamine on CognitionZhang MW; Ho R
-Differential Risk Factors Associated with Adolescent Addictive Disorders: a Comparison between Substance Use Disorders and Internet/Gaming AddictionOng HSR; Peh CX; Guo S
-Factor structure of the Gambling Symptom Assessment Scale among treatment-seeking adults in SingaporeOng HSR; Peh CX; PV Asharani; Song Guo
-Prevalence and Risk Factors of Caregiver Dependence among Older Adults in a Southeast Asian PopulationPicco L; Abdin E; Vaingankar JA; Pang S; Shafie S; Sambasivam R; Chong SA; Subramaniam M
-Factors Associated With Antidepressant Dosing in Asia: Findings From the Research on Asian Psychotropic Prescription StudyRajaratnam K; Xiang YT; Tripathi A; Chiu HF; Si TM; Chee KY; Avasthi A; Grover S; Chong MY; Kuga H; Kanba S; He YL; Lee MS; Yang SY; Udomratn P; Kallivayalil RA; Tanra AJ; Maramis M; Shen WW; Sartorius N; Kua EH; Tan CH; Mahendran R; Shinfuku N; Sum MY; Baldessarini RJ; Sim K
-Prevalence and correlates of heart disease among adults in SingaporePicco L; Subramaniam M; Abdin E; Vaingankar AJ; Chong SA
-Gender differences in patients with first-episode psychosis in the Singapore Early Psychosis Intervention ProgrammePang S; Subramaniam M; Abdin E; Poon LY; Chong SA; Verma S
-Estimating 10-year cardiovascular disease risk in Asian patients with schizophreniaRekhi G; Khyne TT; Lee J
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 113