Title: Adoption and correlates of Postgraduate Hospital Educational Environment Measure (PHEEM) in the evaluation of learning environments - A systematic review
year: 2016
Journal: Med Teach
Volume: 38
Issue: 12
Pages: 1248-1255
Epubdate: 27/08/2016
date: Dec
Alternate Journal: Medical teacher
ISSN: 0142-159x
Article Number: 27564848
Abstract: BACKGROUND: The Postgraduate Hospital Educational Environment Measure (PHEEM) is a highly reliable and valid instrument to measure the educational environment during post graduate medical training. This review extends earlier reports by evaluating the extant adoption of PHEEM in various international clinical training sites, and its significant correlations in order to expand our understanding on the use of PHEEM and facilitate future applications and research. METHOD: A systematic literature review was conducted on all articles between 2005 and October 2015 that adopted and reported data using the PHEEM. RESULTS: Overall 30 studies were included, encompassing data from 14 countries internationally. Notable differences in the PHEEM scores were found between different levels of training, disciplines, and clinical training sites. Common strengths and weaknesses in learning environments were observed and there were significant correlations between PHEEM scores and In-Training Exam (ITE) performance (positive correlation) and level of burnout (negative correlation), respectively. CONCLUSIONS: PHEEM is widely adopted in different learning settings, and is a useful tool to identify the strengths and weaknesses of an educational environment. Future research can examine other correlates of PHEEM and longitudinal changes in interventional studies.
Notes: 1466-187x Chan, Christopher Yi Wen Sum, Min Yi Lim, Wee Shiong Chew, Nicholas Wuen Ming Samarasekera, Dujeepa D Sim, Kang Journal Article England Med Teach. 2016 Dec;38(12):1248-1255. Epub 2016 Aug 26.
URI: https://open-access.imh.com.sg/handle/123456789/5038
Authors Address: a Department of General Psychiatry , Institute of Mental Health , Singapore , Singapore. b Research Division , Institute of Mental Health , Singapore , Singapore. c Centre for Geriatric Medicine, Cognition and Memory Disorders Service , Tan Tock Seng Hospital , Singapore , Singapore. d Education Office, National Healthcare Group , Singapore , Singapore. e Centre for Medical Education , National University of Singapore , Singapore , Singapore.
Database Provider: NLM
language: eng
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