Title: Factors Associated With Antidepressant Dosing in Asia: Findings From the Research on Asian Psychotropic Prescription Study
year: 2016
Journal: J Clin Psychopharmacol
Volume: 36
Issue: 6
Pages: 716-719
Epubdate: 03/11/2016
date: Dec
Alternate Journal: Journal of clinical psychopharmacology
ISSN: 0271-0749
Article Number: 27753726
Abstract: In this study, we sought to examine factors associated with dosing of antidepressants (ADs) in Asia. Based on reported data and clinical experience, we hypothesized that doses of ADs would be associated with demographic and clinical factors and would increase over time. This cross-sectional, pharmacoepidemiological study analyzed data collected within the Research Study on Asian Psychotropic Prescription Pattern for Antidepressants from 4164 participants in 10 Asian countries, using univariate and multivariate methods. The AD doses varied by twofold among countries (highest in PR China and RO Korea, lowest in Singapore and Indonesia), and averaged 124 (120-129) mg/d imipramine-equivalents. Average daily doses increased by 12% between 2004 and 2013. Doses were significantly higher among hospitalized patients and ranked by diagnosis: major depression > anxiety disorders > bipolar disorder, but were not associated with private/public or psychiatric/general-medical settings, nor with age, sex, or cotreatment with a mood stabilizer. In multivariate modeling, AD-dose remained significantly associated with major depressive disorder and being hospitalized. Doses of ADs have increased somewhat in Asia and were higher when used for major depression or anxiety disorders than for bipolar depression and for hospitalized psychiatric patients.
Notes: 1533-712x Rajaratnam, Kamini Xiang, Yu-Tao Tripathi, Adarsh Chiu, Helen Fung Kum Si, Tian-Mei Chee, Kok-Yoon Avasthi, Ajit Grover, Sandeep Chong, Mian-Yoon Kuga, Hironori Kanba, Shigenobu He, Yan-Ling Lee, Min-Soo Yang, Shu-Yu Udomratn, Pichet Kallivayalil, Roy Abraham Tanra, Andi J Maramis, Margarita Shen, Winston Wu-Dien Sartorius, Norman Kua, Ee-Heok Tan, Chay-Hoon Mahendran, Rathi Shinfuku, Naotaka Sum, Min Yi Baldessarini, Ross J Sim, Kang Journal Article United States J Clin Psychopharmacol. 2016 Dec;36(6):716-719.
URL: http://ovidsp.tx.ovid.com/ovftpdfs/FPDDNCGCBBEDDE00/fs047/ovft/live/gv024/00004714/00004714-201612000-00026.pdf
URI: https://open-access.imh.com.sg/handle/123456789/5070
Authors Address: From the *Department of General Psychiatry, Institute of Mental Health, Singapore; daggerUnit of Psychiatry, Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Macau, Macao SAR, China; double daggerDepartment of Psychiatry, King George's Medical University, Chowk, Lucknow, India; section signDepartment of Psychiatry, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, China;
National Clinical Research Center for Mental Disorders & the Key Laboratory of Mental Health, Ministry of Health (Peking University). Peking University Institute of Mental Health (the Sixth Hospital), Beijing, China; paragraph signDepartment of Psychiatry & Mental Health, Tunku Abdul Rahman Institute of Neurosciences, Kuala Lumpur Hospital, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; #Department of Psychiatry, Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research (PGIMER), Chandigarh, India; **Department of Psychiatry, Kaohsiung Chang Gung Memorial Hospital-Kaohsiung Medical Center and School of Medicine, Chang Gung University, Taiwan; daggerdaggerDepartment of Neuropsychiatry, Kyushu University, Fukuoka, Japan; double daggerdouble daggerDepartment of Psychiatric Epidemiology, Shanghai Mental Health Center, Shanghai, China; section sign section signDepartment of Psychiatry, College of Medicine, Korea University, Seoul, Korea;
Department of Pharmacy, Taipei City Hospital, Taipei, Taiwan; paragraph sign paragraph signDepartment of Psychiatry, Faculty of Medicine, Prince of Songkla University, Songkhla, Thailand; ##Department of Psychiatry, Pushpagiri Medical College, Thiruvalla, India; ***Department of Psychiatry, Hasanuddin University Faculty of Medicine, Makassar, Sulawesi Selatan, Indonesia; daggerdaggerdaggerDr. Soetomo Hospital, Faculty of Medicine, Airlangga University, Jawa Timur, Indonesia; double daggerdouble daggerdouble daggerDepartments of Psychiatry, TMU-Wan Fang Medical Center and School of Medicine, Taipei Medical University, Taiwan; section sign section sign section signAssociation for the Improvement of Mental Health Programmes, Geneva, Switzerland;
Department of Psychological Medicine, National University of Singapore; paragraph sign paragraph sign paragraph signDepartment of Pharmacology, National University of Singapore, Singapore; ###International Center for Medical Research, Kobe University School of Medicine, Kobe, Japan; ****Research Division, Institute of Mental Health, Singapore; daggerdaggerdaggerdaggerInternational Consortium for Mood & Psychotic Disorder Research, McLean Hospital, Belmont, Massachusetts and Department of Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA; double daggerdouble daggerdouble daggerdouble daggerDepartment of General Psychiatry, Institute of Mental Health, Singapore.
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